Because we are an international network we can put together the best team for your shoot. All of our crew have worked together and are the best in their field, whether techs, precision drivers, operators or DoP's. We can also provide international award winning 2nd/splinter unit Director/DoPs to maximise creativity & efficiency on location.

Christian .

Christian has over 10 years experience in operating specialised camera work on land, in the air and under water. He invented several specialised systems and is known for pushing boundaries especially in tracking vehicle work

Markus Kuballa .

Markus Kuballa has over ten years of working in both camera & grip departments. Specific skills include working with telescopic cranes, stabilised heads and Steadicam. Also an experienced and qualified underwater DoP/operator.

Dave Baillie .

Dave Baillie has over 30 years experience as both a director and a DoP on dramas. documentaries & commercials. His awards include Baftas and Emmys for cinematography, and several Best Film awards for directing including a Golden Spire from the San Francisco International Film Festival.